• 04/12/2019

Update April 2019

Update April 2019

Update April 2019 800 450 Virginie

Hello everyone!

Our new update is here. Let’s see what’s new!


Yes, we fully reworked our announcer. Now we have a female voice (@SaraSecoraVO) for game status announcements and a male voice (Ty Harper) for rewards events.


Are you ready to run? Maybe you think you are the best runner of the Discord?
Prove it now! Beat Dev_Jerem world record on RC-FasterThanTheMist (68.5491 seconds).
Good luck!
RC-FasterThanTheMist isn’t a hard map, but you have to know all the movements to finish it.


Master Arena doesn’t support split-screen for local games with your mates, but on Master Arena, you will be able to spectate at the same time two players.

We repeat: On Master Arena, you can spectate two players at the same time.
We repeat: On Master Arena, you can spectate a duel like a boss.
We repeat: On Master Arena, you can spectate one player and have a free cam at the same time.
We repeat: On Master Arena, your favorite caster will be on safety position with the split-screen mode.

If you do not catch it, read it 10 more times.

How to use it?

  • It’s easy, first join an online game as a spectator. Press ESC, now you can see a new button named “subdivide”. Press it! The menu will close and split your screen.
  • To swap screen control, use “PAGEUP” & “PAGEDOWN” buttons.

/!\ Warning, when you use this mode, you can’t go back on mono-screen mode. You have to return to the main menu and reconnect on the server.

Comment from Dev_Jerem: I hope you will enjoy it. I’ve limited this feature to 2 split screens due to its impact on the performances. But technically, it is ready for 3 and 4 viewports. If some casters have suggestions/ideas about it, the discussion is open. We can build something strong together.


Oh yes, again! DM-Mars is updated with some level design adjustments and level building.


First, some fixes. Version was bugged with the Falling Jump, Super Jump & “One Tap Dodge” mechanics.
In addition, players can now reuse falling jump mechanic after a wall-dodge. It allows players to correct their trajectory if necessary.


X & Y axes are now independent.


Walking and damping animations added. Moreover, fire camera animations were reworked and the Sniper Rifle fire sound updated.

And to finished, weapons balancing for:

  • Electrogun
  • SMG
  • ShotGun

For more information, click here.


  • Tutorials: Offzone & Video screen reworked. Video TextFields are now more contrasted.
  • Fixed a Menu crash with the language selection.
  • Fixed a Menu crash after going on “HUD> Enter HUD Settings” and back on server list (or anywhere).
  • Stats Menu & Server list were accessible from an online game: this should not be the case (we need to disconnect you from the server to get the stats information).
  • DM-SpaceDock: Some textures overlapping fixed.
  • Fixed “Zoom/Unzoom” problem.
  • First Elimination announcement fixed.
  • Maps optimization: Precomputed visibility.


That’s all for today!
Update your game, servers are already ready!!

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Stay tuned!

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