• 03/04/2019

Update March 2019

Update March 2019

Update March 2019 800 450 Virginie

Hello everyone!

Our new update is here. Let’s see what’s new!


Some weapons skins are now the same color as their pickup:


This has been reworked. In the last version an admin could pause, but there were two problems:

  • Others players were not notified and thought the game frozen.
  • When a player connected to a server which was paused, it would unpause without notice.

So with this update, when an admin set a server on pause, all players have a message on the middle of the screen. Moreover, the game cannot be unpaused as long as the admin doesn’t allow it. Check this video to see how it works:

— Movements reworked & netcode —

A large part of the movements code was reworked (mechanic and network parts).

About the movement mechanic part:

  • Falling jump: Cannot be used if the player is near the ground (few centimeters), but can be used after each bounce if the height above the ground allows it.
  • Super Jump: Can be used if the player is near the ground (few centimeters) and when the player touches the ground.
  • Bounce: Bounce height is now calculated based on your speed and the slope on which you arrived. For example, a player who bounces slowly will do smaller bounces than a player at high speed.

About the netcode part:
Since bounce where implemented, when playing online, sometimes the players can have very quick camera backlash. This was a network issue due to player and server synchronization. Most of the players don’t detect/see the problem due to a low ping. But now, for those with a high ping, you will be able to bounce without problem since the script was fully reworked and optimized.


— HUD update —

Some changes were made for the HUD. The most important is that the stamina gauge & health point are now located on the bottom center of the screen.

— Other updates/fixes —

  • Some Stats fixed.
  • Packet Loss update fixed.
  • Teleporter touch / untouch players reworked.
  • If a map is voted during the countdown at the start of a game, then after the map change, the match starts automatically without any countdown: fixed.
  • 25 HP / 50 HP pickup colors switched.
  • First elimination on warm-up fixed.
  • Sound bug fixed for community maps.
  • Jumper player collision radius is bigger.
  • Elevators trigger delays.
  • Player Ready added on scoreboard added.

That’s all for today!
Update your game, servers are already ready!!

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Stay tuned!

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