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ChangeLogs January 2019

Hello everyone!

Ahah! What did you expect? A basic “Happy new year” humans?

Well, let’s get started!


  • Introducing “Falling Jump”

During 2018, you were able to Jump, Super Jump, Bounce, Dodge, Wall-Dodge & Boost. We start this new year by adding “Falling Jump” movement!
This jump is usable only when you are falling (yes, it’s obvious), it uses 20% of your stamina and can be combined as follow:
>> Jump + Falling Jump
>> Super jump + Falling jump
>> Dodges + Falling jump
>> Wall-Dodges + Falling Jump
>> Bounce + Falling jump
>> or just falling and use it 🙂

To use it, press the SUPER JUMP button. Check below for an example of its usage:

    • Bounce faster! Now bounce speed is clamp to 1700 instead of 1500.


  • Rocket Launcher Alt-Fire

The Rocket Launcher now has an alt-fire named “Rocket bump”. When you press the alt-fire button, the rocket launcher will fire a special rocket where maximum damage is clamp to 10HP but has the ability to bump all players located near the explosion!
An example of this usage in this video:

  • Plasma Alt-Fire

The plasma alt-fire is the opposite of its primary fire. This one isn’t fast and the plasma projectile undergoes gravity! When the plasma projectile touch something (except a player), it remains frozen for a few seconds before exploding.

To see a demo of the Plasma alt-fire, check below:


  • Elevator sounds

  • Pickup variant sounds (boost, heal, weapons)

  • Other fixes
    • Teleporters sound.
    • Spawn radius sound.
    • Pickups radius sound.


  • DM-Ross_128b : structural update. Every room was updated with more open space for navigation and fights.

  • DM-BlutArena: Weapons & boost pickups adjustments.

And that’s all for today!
Update your game, servers are already ready!!
Happy new year humans 🙂

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Stay tuned!