• 11/29/2018

Update November 2018 – Part #2

Update November 2018 – Part #2

Update November 2018 – Part #2 800 450 Virginie

Hello everyone!

We end this month with a new update, which will be available later today (or might even already be available). Let’s see what’s new!

First, we added a map vote system!

This option is activatable with a server command line with ?EnableMapVote=1.
For example:

start .\Binaries\Win64\MasterArena.exe Server DM-Mars?EnableMapVote=1

When it’s active, the map vote interface will be displayed after the statistics. You will also be able to vote during a match. If the majority of the gamers voted, the server will force the end of the match and automatically load the desired map.

Second, is a little update of the scoreboards. Your Steam avatar will now be displayed. If you are playing with bots, “Master Arena” logo will be used by way of an avatar.

Next, new elements are available in the editor.

  • Flags for CTF mode

  • Teleporters

Some explanations about the use of the teleporters: When you select the teleporter in the interface, the mesh replaces the previous one. Put it down wherever you want it. The teleporter is then replaced by a green ball, which represents the destination of the teleportation.
See the screenshot below for the various combinations :

  • The mesh of “DM-Basket” have been added in different colors.

Next, let’s talk about the changes in the gameplay:

  • Weapons
    • Plasma :
      • Projectile travel time: down to 15 000 (previously: 20 000).
      • Momentum Transfer: 5000 (previously:1000).
    • SMG:
      • Burst: up to 7 (previously: 5)
      • Fire rate down to 0.125s (previously: 135s).
    • ShotGun :
      • Projectile travel time: down to 13 750 (previously: 18 750).
    • Grenade Launcher:
      • Momentum Transfer: 150 000 (previously: 5000).
    • Rocket Launcher
      • Reference damage up to 70 HP (previously: 60).
      • Damage radius down to 450uu (previously: 850).
      • Core Damage radius up to 80uu (previously: 36).
      • Momentum Transfer : 200 000 (previously: 100 000).

>> The Momentum Transfer is the ability to bump your enemies.

For more information about the adjustment of the weapons, check this Google sheet.

  • Movements :
    • The use of the Boost gauge was revised :
      • Wall dodge : 10% (previously 15%)
      • Dodge: 20% (previously 25%)

>> To put it simply, you will be able to do more wall-dodges before you run out of stamina! We look forward to your feedback about this change. At this time, the boost items are left unchanged (+20%).

Finally,  some minor fixes :

  • Menu sliders: a direct click on the slider value now works.
  • In Game to Editor: “Open existing map” now works.
  • Random camera TPS when players collide with other players: now fixed.
  • Some statistics fixes.

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Stay tuned!

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