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Update May 2019 800 450 Virginie

Update May 2019

Hello everyone!

Here we are for a new update. Let’s see what’s new!


Pickups dropped upon death

Before this update, when you fragged an enemy, he would drop his weapon. It is a good thing but not enough. At the end of a fight, the player who made the frag can be very low HP and be rushed by his enemy who knows it. To prevent this from happening, we decided to add some health pickups dropped by the dead player. Those health pickups add 15 health points and disappear after 10 seconds if not picked up.
This is implemented in order to have more interesting frags than classics rushes.

Damage Effect

The first level of damage effect feedback has just been implemented. Now, when you hit an enemy, his skin takes the coloration of your weapon color type. Basically, if you hit an enemy with a rocket, his skin becomes red for a short time.


Max health is still at 150 HP but now, if you have more than 115HP, your health points will automatically decrease by 1 HP per second.


Some changes about combos. They have been tested during the last few days, it is officially released with this update.

In the past, there were two ways to do a combo:

  • Fire a grenade, switch to the Sniper Rifle and hit it.
  • Fire a grenade switch to FlashRifle and hit it.

The differences between those combos were the explosion radius and damages (more significant for a sniper rifle combo).

Today, you can forget this game mechanic. Reported by a lot of players, this mechanic is very hard to use in a real fight situation. So…it’s logical that we translate the combo explosion mechanic to the FlashRifle with an alt-fire. By pressing the alt-fire button when using the FlashRifle, a flashball projectile is fired. You then have to aim the projectile and press the primary fire to achieve a combo explosion!  (Yes, like Unreal Tournament, our father:) ).


Did you notice it? We say  “Combo explosion” instead of “Combo”.
In fact, the combos with a grenade have not been abandoned but reworked to introduce two new mechanics:

  • “Combo Flash”: Grenade + FlashRifle, when the FlashRifle beam hits the grenade projectile, all players near the explosion are flashed for a few seconds.
  • “Combo Smoke”: Grenade + Sniper Rifle, when the Sniper bullet hits the grenade projectile, a smoke area is created for a few seconds.


Those mechanics are implemented to add more tactics and unexpected events during a game (especially on Team Games) and may be subject to change.

And to finished, some weapons were balanced:

  • Melee: Damages up to 6HP (previously 5HP).
  • FlashRifle: Damages decreased (adaptation to new health meta).
  • Sniper Rifle: Damages decreased (headshot balancing & adaptation to new health meta).

For more information, check our google doc.


  • Matchmaking search fixed.
  • Carnage pickup is now correctly dropped.
  • Some loading delays on the main menu fixed.
  • FlashRifle first person mesh position corrected.
  • New Splash screen & game icon.


That’s all for today!
Update your game, servers are already ready!!

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Stay tuned!

Update April 2019 800 450 Virginie

Update April 2019

Hello everyone!

Our new update is here. Let’s see what’s new!


Yes, we fully reworked our announcer. Now we have a female voice (@SaraSecoraVO) for game status announcements and a male voice (Ty Harper) for rewards events.


Are you ready to run? Maybe you think you are the best runner of the Discord?
Prove it now! Beat Dev_Jerem world record on RC-FasterThanTheMist (68.5491 seconds).
Good luck!
RC-FasterThanTheMist isn’t a hard map, but you have to know all the movements to finish it.


Master Arena doesn’t support split-screen for local games with your mates, but on Master Arena, you will be able to spectate at the same time two players.

We repeat: On Master Arena, you can spectate two players at the same time.
We repeat: On Master Arena, you can spectate a duel like a boss.
We repeat: On Master Arena, you can spectate one player and have a free cam at the same time.
We repeat: On Master Arena, your favorite caster will be on safety position with the split-screen mode.

If you do not catch it, read it 10 more times.

How to use it?

  • It’s easy, first join an online game as a spectator. Press ESC, now you can see a new button named “subdivide”. Press it! The menu will close and split your screen.
  • To swap screen control, use “PAGEUP” & “PAGEDOWN” buttons.

/!\ Warning, when you use this mode, you can’t go back on mono-screen mode. You have to return to the main menu and reconnect on the server.

Comment from Dev_Jerem: I hope you will enjoy it. I’ve limited this feature to 2 split screens due to its impact on the performances. But technically, it is ready for 3 and 4 viewports. If some casters have suggestions/ideas about it, the discussion is open. We can build something strong together.


Oh yes, again! DM-Mars is updated with some level design adjustments and level building.


First, some fixes. Version was bugged with the Falling Jump, Super Jump & “One Tap Dodge” mechanics.
In addition, players can now reuse falling jump mechanic after a wall-dodge. It allows players to correct their trajectory if necessary.


X & Y axes are now independent.


Walking and damping animations added. Moreover, fire camera animations were reworked and the Sniper Rifle fire sound updated.

And to finished, weapons balancing for:

  • Electrogun
  • SMG
  • ShotGun

For more information, click here.


  • Tutorials: Offzone & Video screen reworked. Video TextFields are now more contrasted.
  • Fixed a Menu crash with the language selection.
  • Fixed a Menu crash after going on “HUD> Enter HUD Settings” and back on server list (or anywhere).
  • Stats Menu & Server list were accessible from an online game: this should not be the case (we need to disconnect you from the server to get the stats information).
  • DM-SpaceDock: Some textures overlapping fixed.
  • Fixed “Zoom/Unzoom” problem.
  • First Elimination announcement fixed.
  • Maps optimization: Precomputed visibility.


That’s all for today!
Update your game, servers are already ready!!

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Stay tuned!

Update March 2019 800 450 Virginie

Update March 2019

Hello everyone!

Our new update is here. Let’s see what’s new!


Some weapons skins are now the same color as their pickup:


This has been reworked. In the last version an admin could pause, but there were two problems:

  • Others players were not notified and thought the game frozen.
  • When a player connected to a server which was paused, it would unpause without notice.

So with this update, when an admin set a server on pause, all players have a message on the middle of the screen. Moreover, the game cannot be unpaused as long as the admin doesn’t allow it. Check this video to see how it works:

— Movements reworked & netcode —

A large part of the movements code was reworked (mechanic and network parts).

About the movement mechanic part:

  • Falling jump: Cannot be used if the player is near the ground (few centimeters), but can be used after each bounce if the height above the ground allows it.
  • Super Jump: Can be used if the player is near the ground (few centimeters) and when the player touches the ground.
  • Bounce: Bounce height is now calculated based on your speed and the slope on which you arrived. For example, a player who bounces slowly will do smaller bounces than a player at high speed.

About the netcode part:
Since bounce where implemented, when playing online, sometimes the players can have very quick camera backlash. This was a network issue due to player and server synchronization. Most of the players don’t detect/see the problem due to a low ping. But now, for those with a high ping, you will be able to bounce without problem since the script was fully reworked and optimized.


— HUD update —

Some changes were made for the HUD. The most important is that the stamina gauge & health point are now located on the bottom center of the screen.

— Other updates/fixes —

  • Some Stats fixed.
  • Packet Loss update fixed.
  • Teleporter touch / untouch players reworked.
  • If a map is voted during the countdown at the start of a game, then after the map change, the match starts automatically without any countdown: fixed.
  • 25 HP / 50 HP pickup colors switched.
  • First elimination on warm-up fixed.
  • Sound bug fixed for community maps.
  • Jumper player collision radius is bigger.
  • Elevators trigger delays.
  • Player Ready added on scoreboard added.

That’s all for today!
Update your game, servers are already ready!!

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Stay tuned!

Update January 2019 – Part #2 800 450 Virginie

Update January 2019 – Part #2

Hello everyone!

You will find below a description of the changes already available in the update on Steam.


  • New page management: Now a simple click on “Play” opens a new page with a “Local”-”Multiplayer”-”Editor” and “Tutorial” selection.

  • MatchMaking & Servers list: modes and game-types filters added.

  • Custom map list added:

A backups subfolder is now available in \MasterArena\Binaries\CommunityMaps\AutoSave\



  • Instagib: The instagib weapon has been configured to have limited ammo. The max ammo is 12 with a default ammo count to 8. To reload your ammo, you will have to collect either the boost pickups (+4ammo/pickup) or the weapon dropped by another player.

  • Character sound: An ambient sound was added.
  • Electrogun alt-fire :

>>> Primary fire : Damage = 5HP

>>> DeathMatch alt-fire : Damage = 3HP, Regen = 3 HP

>>> Team game modes alt-fire (red/blue team): Self-damage dealt = 1 HP, heal given = 3HP.



The first version of the replay system is available. A server can save the game replay with an admin request. Each replay is saved in the folder \MasterArena\UDKGame\Demos\ server side. You should copy them to game client to be able to run the replay.


  • Some stats bugs fixed (your stats were reset).
  • Stats are now saved only if you played a match for more than 3 minutes.
  • Hide weapons: Muzzle flash removed.
  • Boost pickup collision is now bigger.
  • Flags collision is now bigger.
  • Grenade Launcher: Grenade collision fixed.

And that’s all for today!
Update your game, servers are already ready!!

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Stay tuned!

Update January 2019 – Part #1 800 450 Virginie

Update January 2019 – Part #1

Hello everyone!

Ahah! What did you expect? A basic “Happy new year” humans?

Well, let’s get started!


  • Introducing “Falling Jump”

During 2018, you were able to Jump, Super Jump, Bounce, Dodge, Wall-Dodge & Boost. We start this new year by adding “Falling Jump” movement!
This jump is usable only when you are falling (yes, it’s obvious), it uses 20% of your stamina and can be combined as follow:
>> Jump + Falling Jump
>> Super jump + Falling jump
>> Dodges + Falling jump
>> Wall-Dodges + Falling Jump
>> Bounce + Falling jump
>> or just falling and use it 🙂

To use it, press the SUPER JUMP button. Check below for an example of its usage:

  • Bounce faster! Now bounce speed is clamp to 1700 instead of 1500.



  • Rocket Launcher Alt-Fire

The Rocket Launcher now has an alt-fire named “Rocket bump”. When you press the alt-fire button, the rocket launcher will fire a special rocket where maximum damage is clamp to 10HP but has the ability to bump all players located near the explosion!
An example of this usage in this video:

  • Plasma Alt-Fire

The plasma alt-fire is the opposite of its primary fire. This one isn’t fast and the plasma projectile undergoes gravity! When the plasma projectile touch something (except a player), it remains frozen for a few seconds before exploding.

To see a demo of the Plasma alt-fire, check below:


  • Elevator sounds

  • Pickup variant sounds (boost, heal, weapons)

  • Other fixes
    • Teleporters sound.
    • Spawn radius sound.
    • Pickups radius sound.



  • DM-Ross_128b : structural update. Every room was updated with more open space for navigation and fights.

  • DM-BlutArena: Weapons & boost pickups adjustments.

And that’s all for today!
Update your game, servers are already ready!!
Happy new year humans 🙂

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Stay tuned!

Update December 2018 800 450 Virginie

Update December 2018

Hello everyone!

For those who joined us on Discord, it will not be new, but for the others, you will find below an overview of the various updates done during December.

— HUD —

>> “Hide weapons” config added (Main Menu < HUD < Hide weapons).

>> +5 score message rescaled.

>> Speedometer rescaled.

>> Score Kill Message rescaled.

>> Quick HUD added for HP/Boost gauge & current weapon ammo (Main Menu < HUD < Quick HUD).

>> Time info counter added for the next match.

>> UI updated for: Map Vote / Admin / Chat & Main Menu Player Stats page.

>> Red screen effect adjustment

— Server list info —

  • Will not constantly return 0 players online.
  • Bots no longer count as players.
  • Community maps’ name will be advertised (previously known as DM-EditorGame).

— Spectator Mode —

  • Some random popup damages when switching players view: fixed.
  • Multikill UI animation when switching players view: fixed.
  • Team UI color indicator: fixed.
  • HitSounds replication added.
  • KillSound replication added.
  • Free camera (alt-fire) added.
  • 3rd person view (fire) added.
  • Fix: the spectating player can now join the game after a map change.

— Sounds —

  • Sounds attenuation updated for :
    • Footsteps / Respawn / Teleportation / Wall-Dodges / Bounces
    • Heal Respawn pickup / Heal Pickup taken
    • Weapons pickups / Plasma Fire / SMG Fire / ShotGun Fire
  • Self footstep sounds reworked.
  • Some weapons sounds, HitSounds & KillSound are stronger.
  • Player pain sounds management changes. Now pain sounds are bigger when player heal is low (old was pain sound in function of damages lost).

— Other Fixes —

  • Community maps download strategy script updated (v2).
  • Some UI managements fixes & player moves.
  • Player vs Player collision fixes & new damages strategies added (warning guys/girls you can kill someone if you stepped on him at high speed!)
  • Some adjustments for weapons camera shake animation.
  • OneTapDodge strategy updated.
  • Fix Auto Player ready after map switch (I’m not sure, this needs to be tested).

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Stay tuned!

Update November 2018 – Part #2 800 450 Virginie

Update November 2018 – Part #2

Hello everyone!

We end this month with a new update, which will be available later today (or might even already be available). Let’s see what’s new!

First, we added a map vote system!

This option is activatable with a server command line with ?EnableMapVote=1.
For example:

start .\Binaries\Win64\MasterArena.exe Server DM-Mars?EnableMapVote=1

When it’s active, the map vote interface will be displayed after the statistics. You will also be able to vote during a match. If the majority of the gamers voted, the server will force the end of the match and automatically load the desired map.

Second, is a little update of the scoreboards. Your Steam avatar will now be displayed. If you are playing with bots, “Master Arena” logo will be used by way of an avatar.

Next, new elements are available in the editor.

  • Flags for CTF mode

  • Teleporters

Some explanations about the use of the teleporters: When you select the teleporter in the interface, the mesh replaces the previous one. Put it down wherever you want it. The teleporter is then replaced by a green ball, which represents the destination of the teleportation.
See the screenshot below for the various combinations :

  • The mesh of “DM-Basket” have been added in different colors.

Next, let’s talk about the changes in the gameplay:

  • Weapons
    • Plasma :
      • Projectile travel time: down to 15 000 (previously: 20 000).
      • Momentum Transfer: 5000 (previously:1000).
    • SMG:
      • Burst: up to 7 (previously: 5)
      • Fire rate down to 0.125s (previously: 135s).
    • ShotGun :
      • Projectile travel time: down to 13 750 (previously: 18 750).
    • Grenade Launcher:
      • Momentum Transfer: 150 000 (previously: 5000).
    • Rocket Launcher
      • Reference damage up to 70 HP (previously: 60).
      • Damage radius down to 450uu (previously: 850).
      • Core Damage radius up to 80uu (previously: 36).
      • Momentum Transfer : 200 000 (previously: 100 000).

>> The Momentum Transfer is the ability to bump your enemies.

For more information about the adjustment of the weapons, check this Google sheet.

  • Movements :
    • The use of the Boost gauge was revised :
      • Wall dodge : 10% (previously 15%)
      • Dodge: 20% (previously 25%)

>> To put it simply, you will be able to do more wall-dodges before you run out of stamina! We look forward to your feedback about this change. At this time, the boost items are left unchanged (+20%).

Finally,  some minor fixes :

  • Menu sliders: a direct click on the slider value now works.
  • In Game to Editor: “Open existing map” now works.
  • Random camera TPS when players collide with other players: now fixed.
  • Some statistics fixes.

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Stay tuned!

Update November 2018 – Part #1 800 450 Virginie

Update November 2018 – Part #1

Hello everyone!

We know that you like stats, stats & stats!

So, in this update we propose the first version of your in-game stats listed in the main menu by game mode:

  • DUEL
  • DeathMatch
  • Team DeathMatch
  • Capture the Flag
  • Arena Royale
  • Instagib
  • And a Summary page

But we are sorry (or not) to announce that all your previews stats have been deleted.
Oh, don’t cry Humans, now you can consult your rank for each game mode (Alert spoiler: leaderboards coming soon!).

>> Hum, well what’s next?

Now when you frag a player, his skin color go in the grey scale.
Beautiful shot, isn’t it?

>> Next?

Okay, it is something simple, crazy and fun. What it is?
A Large-Deathmatch mode! Yes, a 40 PLAYERS ARENA GAME TYPE!
Oh great!!! When will it be available? Right now on solo/local and this Wednesday for the online playtest! We will test it on Instagib.

That’s all for today, the dev team gives you RDV on Wednesday 7th November for the playtest at 09:00 PM CET (21h00).
If you don’t have access to the game, you can still go here to get one!


  • Electrogun accuracy statics wrong calculation: fixed.
  • Solo/Local game doesn’t start on DUEL mode: fixed.
  • Some achievements can be unlocked with the training map.
  • Player random kill on collision versus another player: fixed.
  • Removed some spam logs (servers).

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Stay tuned!

Update September 2018 800 450 Virginie

Update September 2018

Hey everyone!

Here comes a new update to end this month. Check below to see what’s new!


  • Main Menu :
    • Local menu: Maps can be added when « add mutator » is pressed instead of « add maps ».
    • Localization support added for:
      • Solo/Local menu;
      • Multiplayer;
      • Editor;
      • Crosshairs;
      • Customization
      • Extra;
      • Exit window;
      • Restart window.
    • Local map couldn’t be open from a game: fixed.
    • Editor couldn’t be open from a game: fixed.
  • Kick Idle now works. Kick idle players and idle spectators (spectators just need to click, switch spectator view or move to return in active state).
  • AI updated (but still need some fixes).
  • Headshot radius adjusted.
  • Bots Hitbox updated.
  • Sounds:
    • Footsteps / Wall-Jump & Jump.
    • Plasma: fire sound.
    • SMG: fire sound.
    • Grenade explosion sound.
  • In Game Editor: Boost pickup added.
  • Controller: Smoother movements.
  • Weapons Accuracy stats fixed.


Some changes to the movements tutorials:

  • They are easier.
  • Video screens explanation added for “One tap wall-dodge” strategy.
  • Video screens are now localized and display the binds needed (Note that, for this release, only English and French are available, the other languages will come soon!).

When a movement tutorial is finished, the next one is loaded automatically.

UI: chat reworked 


Shotgun :

  • Projectile secondary fire speed down to 3500 uu.
  • Fire rates are now up to 0.55 (primary fire) – 0.75 (secondary fire) instead of 0.45 – 0.55 sec previously.

For more information: check this google doc.


  • 5 Hp pickup: Respawn time down to 10 seconds.
  • Weapons respawn time down to 20 seconds.
  • Boost pickup: Respawn time down to 5 seconds.


  • Player Name added next to the score

  • New scoreboard with the players’ stats


  • Update: Instagib Scoreboard

  • Update: Normal Weapons Scoreboard


/!\ Warning, existing and new localizations are not finished.



That’s all for today.

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Stay tuned!

Update August 2018 – Part #2 800 450 Virginie

Update August 2018 – Part #2

Hey everyone!

Here comes our second update. Check below to see what’s new!


  • Boost Gauge:
    • Reloading time is up to 12 seconds (previously: 5 seconds).
    • Cost of the different movements:
      • Bounce: 10% (previously: 25%)
      • Forward/Backward dodge: 25%
      • Right/Left dodge: 10%
      • Super Jump: 50% (previously: 100%).
      • Wall dodge: 10% (before this update, doing wall dodges reloaded the boost gauge by 15%).
  • New pickup: Boost pickup is now available! It gives a 10% boost with a respawn time of 10 seconds.

  • One-Tap Dodges (or wall dodges) settings available. You will find this setting in the “Commands” submenu. To use it, you have to press the dedicated bind and then the directional input when you want to dodge!

— UI —

  • Flag icon added when you carried the flag in CTF mode.

  • Colored Team death message: from grey to blue or red.

  • Locations of “Round scores” and “Team scores” are now switched.
  • Scoreboards updated: Players ID is now drawn.


  • Weapons & beams are now colored according to your team.


  • Capture The Flag: warmup available.
  • Local: Number of bots is selected by step of 1 (0 to 10).
  • The “Escape” key can’t be bound.
  • New default setting for SuperJump.
  • Shotgun hit sound fixed.
  • DM-Mars: some collisions fixed.


  • New player boost gameplay.
  • Servers list and connection directly from a game.
  • FootSteps 3D Spatialization.

That’s all for today.

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Stay tuned!

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