Server Settings

Welcome to the server setting page! Here, you will find some explanation about the server startup commands line.

Let’s take for example the following server command line:

If you use the game client:
start .\Binaries\Win64\MasterArena.exe server DM-SpaceDock?game=MasterArena.MATeamGame?AdminPassword=MAFPSADMIN?MaxPlayers=6?TimeLimit=5?bIsLanMatch=0?steamsockets -Port=7777 -QueryPort=27015 -CONFIGSUBDIR=DedicatedServer1
If you use the dedicated server apps:
start .\Binaries\Win64\MasterArena-Server.exe DM-SpaceDock?game=MasterArena.MATeamGame?AdminPassword=MAFPSADMIN?MaxPlayers=6?TimeLimit=5?bIsLanMatch=0?steamsockets -Port=7777 -QueryPort=27015 -CONFIGSUBDIR=DedicatedServer1

Where you have:

?game=MasterArena.MATeamGame : Set the default gametype as Team Deathmatch mode.
?AdminPassword=####### : Set admin password.
?MaxPlayers=X : Server Max Players.
?TimeLimit=5 : Game Time up to 5 minutes.
?bIsLanMatch=0 : Define LAN or WAN server.
-Port=7777 : Server port.
-QueryPort=27015 : Steam Master Servers port.
-CONFIGSUBDIR=DedicatedServer1 : Create a subfolder in \masterarenaserver\UDKGame\Config\

Game modes

To set a game mode, the commands are the following:

?game=MasterArena.MADeathMatch : for Deathmatch mode.
?game=MasterArena.MACTFGame : for Capture the Flag mode.
?game=MasterArena.MATeamGame : for Team Deathmatch mode.
?game=MasterArena.MADuel : for the DUEL mode

Other commands

?GamePassword=##### : Game password.
?AdminPassword=##### : Admin password.
?WarmupTime=60 : Warmup Time in seconds.
?PlayersMustBeReady=0 : 0 or 1 : Should all players be ready before the start of the game ?
?GoalScore=0 : A goal score set to 0 = unlimited score.
?BalanceTeams=0 : 0 or 1.
?ForceRespawn=0 : 0 or 1.
?MinNetPlayers=2 : Minimum human players to start the game.
?NumPlay=4 : Minimum in game player, if Numplay < NumHumanPlayer, bots are added.
?MaxSpectators=2 : Spectators slots.
?EnableMapVote=1 : 0 or 1.

MapsList Settings:

The maps list file is located at \masterarenaserver\UDKGame\Config\DedicatedServerX and under the name UDKMAMapList.ini
You will have something like this:


This defines a simple map rotation on DeathMatch (DM). If you want to play a specific map in TDM (in this example DM-Fuse), you should write:


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