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Warning : Master Arena is not supported on linux, but it is possible to play with PlayOnLinux. Here is the method :

On a fresh installation of Ubuntu 18.04, Open “Software Center” and install “PlayOnlinux”.


Run PlayOnLinux and click on “install”:


Search for Steam and install it :




Run Steam :


Launch the game’s installation:



You will have this error :


To solve it, you need to close Steam and to go to /home/User/PlayOnLinux’s virtual drives/Steam/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/config
and open config.vdf.

Add this line :

"CS" ";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;"



Run steam and re-launch the download.


As you can see, the download is not complete (while the game is not released, we will have this problem).
We have to download the game with steamcmd.

cd /home/USER/Documents
sudo mkdir steamcmd
cd /home/USER/Documents/steamcmd

sudo wget
tar -xvzf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz

./ +@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType windows +login USER PASSWORD +force_install_dir ./MasterArena +app_update 704020 validate +quit


Download complete, copy and paste MasterArena subfolders and files to /home/User/PlayOnLinux’s virtual drives/Steam/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/MasterArena


Once it’s done, download this file : PlayOnlinux_AddOn_MasterArena

Unzip it and click on “Tools” > “Run a local script”.


Select the script and proceed with the installation.



Now, launch Steam and run MasterArena :

If you have any comments, do not hesitate to join us on discord !
We hope this can help. Have fun !