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As promised, a new weapon this week. Welcome to the SNIPER *:

SniperFeatures :

Fire Rate : 1,2 s
Damages : 80 HP
Max Ammo : 12
Weapon type : Hit Scan

Description :

The sniper is the most powerful weapon in the « Normal Weapon » mode. This one is extremely efficient for headshots !
Headshots friends, welcome!

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See you next week for a new weapon presentation!

* This weapon will be remastered.



We are starting the presentation of the weapons with the deadliest one in game! We are talking about the INSTAGIB RIFLE!

instagib weaponFeatures :

– Fire Rate : 0,85 s
– Damages : Infinite
– Ammo : Infinite
– Weapon type : Hit Scan


Each week, we will introduce a new weapon.

Some of them are going to be remastered for the final version of the game. In this case, a little note at the end of the news will show our intent to create a new design.
So, why are we showing them?
Only the weapon model will be different, the gameplay will still be the same.

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See you next week for another weapon.

Welcome to Master Arena


The Master Arena Team is excited to introduce its Arena FPS : Master Arena!

Master Arena is an Arena FPS project born mid-2013.
The objective was simple, create a NEW ARENA FPS CONCEPT, a game which respects the Arena identity and adds new gameplay features…

Dev. Team :

Without further delay, here is the composition of the full team of Master Arena :

Jérémy Copé

Virginie Gosset William Lechat Gabriel Tomczak

Albert Adeikalam La Grande Table Production Florian Desnoyers

Alpha Bot :

Finally, Alpha Bot should be presented! Alpha Bot is currently the unique character in the game.
You might see it in some demonstration videos but notice that this “Alpha Botwill not be in the final release of the game.
For some artistical and technical reasons, it will be replaced soon !
Well, Alpha Bot is here:AlphaBot : Master Arena's Robot
Alpha Bot is the first character concept, having been created more than 2 years ago!

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See you next week !