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Changelogs Alpha

Post by Jerem » Dec 4th, 2017, 8:58 pm

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay, the changelogs about the lasted update is here:
1- Weapons switch time up to 0.2s (vs 0.1).
2- Fix game crash with display menu (in game).
3- Correct some localization mistakes.
4- MainMenu update (localization words cut).
5- Electrogun damages reworked.
6- Electrogun stats reworked.
7- Correct pickups respawn time.
8- Server list (remove bots listed as player connected -> Need to be confirmed) and script update (preparation for matchmaking).
9- Server List avaible from pause menu (not finished).
10- Pause Menu, remplace record button by disconnect button.
Capture the flag mode is planned for this week-end.

Do not forget to join us on Discord :

See you soon ! 8-)
Master Arena project leader.

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