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Forum Rules

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The forum is a place where people can interact and have discussions about different topics. We ask that you follow this guideline to ensure that the forum has some productive conversation. These rules and guideline are enforced by administrators and moderators, and at their discretion they may remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason, as well as remove access to the forum for any individuals with or without warning for breaches of the rules.

This is an English website, all forum posts must be written in English
Any thread topics or replies written in a language other than English may be removed without notice.
This is mainly because we cannot moderate languages we do not understand.

All posts in this forum should be fully comprehensible not only to native speakers, but to learners as well.
Please try to use 'plain text' when posting, for example avoid chatspeak and SMS abbreviations.
Members are required to make their best attempt to write in standard English in this forum. That includes using capital letters and punctuation.
After all you have a full keyboard in front of you and it makes your post easier to read and understand.

Written text has no inflection, and, as such, you should be careful how you write your messages as interpretation will vary from person to person.
Please take advantage of the built-in emoticons to add such expression to your words.
Please remember the golden rule: to treat other forum users the way you would like to be treated.


BE NICE AND POLITE - Every member deserves to be treated with respect. Positive and polite posts create a friendly and welcoming environment that all members will feel comfortable in.

THINK BEFORE POSTING - Sensible, well thought-out and legible posts help other members understand what is being explained.

USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION BEFORE POSTING - Chances are your question has already been answered.

POST IN RELEVANT SECTION(S) - Posting in the most relevant section will ensure threads are seen by members most interested in the subject. Threads posted in the wrong section will generally be moved by moderators.

USE A TITLE THAT DESCRIBES THE CONTENT OF YOUR POST - Don't use all caps or special characters to draw attention either in the title or the body of the post.

REMAIN ON TOPIC - Threads should remain on the topic that they are discussing, they should not be discussing other topics. A new thread should be made for a new discussion.

REPORT CONTENT - Please do not make posts to inform other users of the forum rules, use the report button to inform moderators when a post breaks the forum rules or moderator attention is needed.

ACCOUNT - Only 1 forum account is permitted per person.

AVATARS - Avatars size is limited to 80x80 pixels and a maximum file size of 40kB. Use of unauthorised brand icons or logos is prohibited.

SIGNATURES - They should be no more than 5 standard lines text, including blank lines. Image based signatures should be no larger than 100x560 pixels.


Do not use excessive ALL CAPS in your posts, turn off your caps lock.

Do not post messages containing images of typed text, especially in an alternate color. This confuses other members who may think you have some special authority

ADVERTISE - We do not allow advertising in our Master Arena forum. This includes, but is not limited to advertisements and promotions for outside businesses and services; other games or any venture that results in monetary profit

BUMP THREADS - Please refrain from replying to discussion threads for the sole purpose of “bumping” them. This is considered to be a form of spam because it does not add to the discussion in a constructive or meaningful way. Posting in a thread only to bring it back to the front page of the forum is not allowed. A thread should only be on the front page of a forum if there is active discussion taking place.

COMPLAIN - Do not complain about getting banned, and do not make another account to circumvent a ban. Do not complain about other users being banned, in the forums or on profile pages of other users. Do not complain if a moderator removes a message you posted. We trust our moderators, and if they've removed a message, they had a good reason.

DISPLAY NAME - Any display names that are inappropriate, disrespectful or are an attempt to impersonate another user are not allowed.

FLAME OR PROVOKE - We do not tolerate abusive, malicious, personal attacks. Do not insult or flame other members of the forum. Similarly, do not post with the intention of provoking a reaction from fellow members. This includes encouraging flame wars. Instigation is not tolerated. You will be banned (possibly without warning depending on the severity of the issue) if you persist in this behavior.

HIJACK AND POST OFF TOPIC - Hijacking typically involves taking a thread in a direction counter to its intent, or posting irrelevant content. We do not allow threads to be hijacked for other purposes. It is natural for a discussion to evolve, and tangential comments are usually fine. If you want to change the subject, please start a new message thread.

PERSONAL INFORMATION - For the sake of your own identity protection and personal privacy, we ask that you please do not share any personal information in the Master Arena forum. This also goes for sharing another community member’s personal information - doing so is considered malicious behavior and something we take very seriously.

SPAM - A spam post is a post that provides no value to the discussion, or a thread that creates nuisance for others. The most common spam posts are posting "tl:dr;", "+1", "this", posting image macros, and nothing but memes or images. Threads are considered spam when they are duplicates, or devoid of valuable content. Replying to spam is not permitted either. We consider spam the following :
  • Posting the same message more than once;
  • Posting messages that are nonsensical or have no real content;
  • Posting messages or images large enough to disrupt the normal flow of conversation;
  • Reposting material that has been removed by a member of the Master Arena Team;
  • Restarting closed threads;
  • Also, please refrain from posting the same topic in multiple areas of the forum, or cross-posting in an attempt to gain further views or replies. This is considered spamming, and the duplicate threads will be removed.
USE PROFANITY OR POST INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT - We require that all content posted on the forum is suitable for people of all ages, this includes words, videos and pictures.
> No excessive swearing or language. If you're that angry about something, take a break from the forum for a while, or confront the other user directly instead of in the forum. Also, do not attempt to use any means to bypass our profanity filter, such as misspelling a cuss word, using letter/symbol or punctuation/spaces substitutions or any other means to bypass our censoring. You will only get one warning for this, then you will be banned from the site.
Still, excessive swearing can get you in trouble too, so keep it clean.
> Things that we consider inappropriate are usually illegal, extremely volatile or violent, obscene, vulgar, or simply inappropriate for an official game forum such as ours.
Inappropriate content on the official forum includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Extreme violence;
  • Illegal substances and activities;
  • Pirated copyright-protected material;
  • Pornography and other sexually explicit topics;
  • Real-world religion and politics;
  • Tasteless, vulgar, or obscene material.
Any posts containing inappropriate content or profanity (including self-censored, automatically censored, acronyms and slang) will be removed from the forum.

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